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World Info (B)

No. Question Answer
1 The person who led the first marine expedition to travel around the world was Magallan
2The Spectrum is a popular stadium located at Philadelphia
3 The Rich stadium is located at Boston
4`Silver dome' is a popular stadium located at Pontiac
5 The Summit is a famous stadium located at Houston
6The National Emblem of Ireland is Shamrock
7 WAGGA WAGGA is a Town in Australia
8The `Daily Telegraph' was first published in the year 1885
9 The National Emblem of Australia is Kangaroo
10 The National Emblem of Canada is Whitelily
11 The National Emblem of Belgium is Lion
12The crescent is the emblem of Pakistan
13 The busiest airport in the world is Chicago International Airport
14The largest continent is Asia
15 The smallest continent is Australia
16The largest country in the world is Russia
17 The smallest country in the world is Vatican
18The Congo river flows in Angola
19 The Negro river flows in Argentina
20 UNICEF stands for United Nations Children's Fund
21 ILO stands for International Labour Organisation
22UPU stands for Universal Postal Union
23 WIPO stands for World Intellectual Property Organisation
24UNU stands for United Nations University
25 WFC stands for World Food Council
26The Commonwealth is an association of 52 countries
27 NAM stands for Non-Aligned Movement
28The earlier name of Ghana was Gold coast
29 The most populous country in the world is China
30The smallest republic in the world is Nauru
31 The highest mountain range in the world is the Himalayas
32The oldest museum in the world is the Ashmolean museum,Oxford
33 IRNA stands for Iranian News Agency
34The country known as Mother-in-Law of Europe is Denmark
35 The country known as Our Lady of Snow is Canada
36The longest wall in the world is the Great Wall of China
37 The deepest ocean in the world is The Pacific
38The country known as the playground of Europe is Switzerland
39 The country known as the Celestial Empire is Egypt
40The great Victoria desert is located in Australia
41 The ocean in which Honshu Island is situated is Pacific
42The river Mackenzie flows in Canada
43 The Murray-Darling river flows in Australia
44The Gobi desert is located in Mongolia,China
45 GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time
46The Charter of UNO was signed on 26 June 1945
47 ICAO stands for International Civil Aviation Organisation
48The ICAO was established in the year 1947
49 The headquarters of ICAO is located at Montreal
50Le Monde is a newspaper published in France
51 The official publication of the Netherlands is called Orange book
52The official publication of France is called Yellow book
53 Shakespeare passed away in the year 1616
54John Major,the ex-Prime minister of Britain was from the which party Conservative
55 The National Emblem of Lebanon is Cedar tree
56The National Emblem of Papua New Guinea is Bird of Paradise
57 FRCP stands for Fellow of Royal College of Physicians
58NAFTA stands for North American Free Trade Agreement
59 Machine gun was invented by Richard Gatling
60Elevator was invented by Elisha G.Otis
61 The measure to know the speed of a ship is Knot
62UNICEF was established in the year 1946
63 The headquarters of UNICEF is located at New York
64UNEP stands for United Nations Environment Programme
65 UNEP was established in the year 1972
66The headquarters of UNEP is located at Nairobi
67 The Daily Mirror is published in Britain
68Jane Austin was a famous British novelist
69 Christopher Columbus was an Italian navigator
70The smallest colony in the world is Gibraltar
71 The highest town in the world is Wenchuan
72Chrysanthemum is the National Emblem of Japan
73 The National Emblem of USA is Golden rod
74IRC stands for International Red Cross
75 RAF stands for Royal Air Force
76`Gone With The Wind'was written by Margret Mitchel
77 The earlier name of Ethiopia was Abyssinia
78Cambodia has been renamed as Kampuchea
79 River Tigris flows in Iraq
80River Danube flows in Hungary




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