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Study of Science

No. Term Study of
1. Acoustics The science of sound, its production,transmission and effects.
2. Anthropology Mental and Physical states of mankind.
3. Aeronautics Science of air navigation.
4. Archaeology Study of ancient civilisation from the old buildings and monuments
5. Ceramics Art of pottery.
6. Callisthenics Exercises for promoting beauty and strength.
7. Chemotherapy Treatment of a disease by certain chemical compounds.
8. Cytology Dealing with cells
9. Demography Statistics of birth, diseases, etc., illustrating conditions of community.
10. Ecology Relations of animals and plants to their environment.
11. Entomology Stydy of insects.
12. Ethnology Science of races and their relations to one another and their characteristics
13. Etymology Part of linguistic science concerned with facts relating to origin and history of words.
14. Genetics Science of heredity
15. Geology Science of earth's crust,it's strata and their relations and changes.
16. Horticulture Art of garden cultivation.
17. Hydroponics Culture of plants without soil.It was also called water culture.
18. Jurisprudence Science of knowledge of law.
19. Lexicography Compiling of dictionary.
20. Metallurgy Science dealing with the method of extraction of metals from their ores and the preparation of alloys.
21. Meteorology Science of weather and climate
22. Mycology Study of fungi.
23. Neurology Study of nerves.
24. Numismatics Study of coins and medals
25. Ornithology Study of birds,their habits, etc.
26. Palaeontology Science of the fossils of plants and animals.
27. Pathology Science of bodily diseases
28. Pedagogy Science of teaching.
29. Penology Study of punishment and of prison management.
30. Philology Study of different languages.
31. Philately Art of stamp collecting.
32. Psychology Science of mind.
33. Pisciculture Art of rearing fish.
34. Seismology Science of earthquakes.
35. Sericulture Study of silk worm breeding.
36. Taxidermy Art of preparing and mounting skins of animals in life-like manner.
37. Topography Art of representing on a map the physical features of a place.
38. Pneumatics Science dealing with the pressure,elasticity,weight etc. of air and other gases.


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