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Space And Planets

No. Question Answer
1. Which is the latest theory of evolution of the Universe Pulsating Universe Theory
2. The total number of planets in our solar system is 9
3. which is the nearest planet to the Sun Mercury
4. Which is the farthest planet from the Sun Pluto
5. which of the planets has rings round it Saturn
6. Which of the nine planets is the largest Jupiter
7. The outermost halo of the Sun is called Corona
8. How many minutes the Sunlight takes to reach to Earth 8.3 minutes
9. Lunar Eclipse occurs when The Earth is between the Sun and the Moon
10. Solar eclipse is caused when The Moon is between the sun and the Earth.
11. 70 degree of the Sun's mass consists of Hydrogen
12. Qantas Airlines belongs to Australia
13. The first country to launch any vehicle in space was USSR (in 1957)
14. The man who walked first on the Moon, was Neil Armstrong




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