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Medical Science

No. Question Answer
01 An infection of the gums involving margin of the teeth with the gum is known as Pyorrhoea
02 Drugs which reduce tension,anxiety,depression,etc. are known as Tranquillizers
03 A swelling of the thyroid gland is known as Goitre
04 Typhoid fever is caused by Salmonella typhi bacteria
05 Plague was also known as Black death
06 AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
07 Diseases which spread by contact are called Contagious diseases
08 Scarlet fever is caused by Strepto coccus
09 The sterilization technique carried out on men is Vasectomy
10 The ability of a living creature to resist the attack of diseases is known as Immunity
11 How many senses a human being has Five
12 Medical practioners without valid licence are called Quacks
13 In a human baby,teething process starts from the age Seven months
14 A method of treating cancer or tumor growth using chemicals is known as Chemotherapy
15 Meningitis is caused by Neisseria meningitis
16 Tetanus is caused by Clostridium tetane
17 Leukemia is commonly known as Blood Cancer
18 An area of pus formation within the lung is called Lung abscess
19 Meningitis is an infection of Head and spinal cord
20 A sudden interruption of the blood supply to the brain can cause a Stroke
21 A hereditary lack of pigment in the skin,hair & eyes is known as Albinism
22 Psoraisis is an inherited disease of Skin,nails and joints
23 A fungus is a Microscopic plant
24 A condition in which both eyes do not point in the same direction is called as Squint
25 Short sightdness is also known as Myopia
26 Short sightdness is Concave lens
27 Long sightdness is also known as Hypermetropia
28 Long sightdness is corrected by using Convex lens
29 A condition in which one is not able to see both near and distant objects is known as Pressbyopia
30 Both convex and concave lens is used to correct the eyesight of a person suffering from Pressbyopia
31 An inflammation of the thin membrance that covers the black part of the eye is called Conjunctivitis
32 Acute conjuctivitis is commonly known as black eye
33 How many bones an adult human body has 206
34 How many bones an human baby's body has 270
35 Blood vessels that carry blood from different organs to the heart are known as Aneries
36 Blood vessels that carry blood from different organs to the heart are known as Veins
37 The main artery of the body is the Arota
38 Skin is the sense organ for Touch
39 Eyes are the sense organ for Sight
40 Nose is the sense organ for Smell
41 Tongue is the sense organ for Taste
42 Ears are the sense organs for Hearing
43 Muscles of the heart are called Cardiac muscles
44 In a human body,about how many muscles are there 650
45 A break in the continuity of a bone is called a Fracture
46 A progressive weakening of muscles is called Muscular dystrophy
47 Damage to a nerve is termd as Meuropathy
48 Biceps are the muscles of the Arm
49 Malaria is transmitted by Anopheles mosquito
50 There are how many types of Malaria Three
51 BCG stands for Bacillus Calmette Guerin
52 BCG is a vaccine given for immunization against the disease Tuberculosis
53 DPT is a Triple vaccine
54 DPT is effective against Diphtheria,whooping cough and tetanus
55 DPT vaccine is given how many times to children Three
56 Vaccine against polio is called Poliomyelitis vaccine
57 Vaccine is a liquid containing Dilute or dead pathogens
58 The first antibiotic discovered by Penicillin
59 Spherical shaped bacteria are called coccus
60 Rod shaped bacteria are called Bacillus
61 Spiral shaped bacteria are called Spirillium
62 Comma shaped bacteria are called Vibrio
63 The size of a virus is about A millionth of a centimeter
64 Plague is caused by bacteria which is found in Fleas on the bodies of rats
65 Dengue fever is also known as Break-bone fever
66 Q fever was first noticed in Queensland
67 Anthrax is caused by Anthrax bacillus
68 Cholera is caused by Vibrio choleral bacteria
69 Tetanus is also known as Lockjaw disease
70 Diptheria is caused by Klebs-loeffler
71 Whooping cough is caused by Bordella pertussis
72 Sex is predicted before the birth of the child by a test called Amnio centesis
73 The outer layer of the skin is called Epidermis
74 The inner layer of the skin is called Dermis
75 Over exposure to sun cause Sun burn
76 LSD stands for Lysergic acid Di-ethylamide
77 Drugs which produce total unconsciousness are known as General anaesthetics
78 Drugs which produce loss of sensation in a small area where the drug is applied are called Local anaesthetics
79 Drugs which neutralize secretions of the stomach which cause ulcers and acidity are called Antacids
80 ELISA technique is used to detect AIDS
81 NMR stands for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
82 Teeth are covered by a hard substance called Enamel
83 Insulin is also known as Anti-diabetic hormone
84 Insulin deficiency causes Diabetes
85 Inflammation of the pancreas is called Pancreatitis
86 A normal pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks
87 The device which improves one's hearing is called Hearing aid
88 Persons who are having blood group O positive are called Universal donors
89 Persons who are having blood group AB positive are called Universal recipients
90 Red cells of blood contain Haemoglobin
91 The formation of a blood clot within a blood vessel is called Thrombosis
92 The sex hormone of the male is Androgen
93 The sex hormones of the females are Estrogen and progesterone
94 Delivery of more than one baby at a time is called as Multiple pregnancy
95 A pregnancy that ends before the 28th week is termed as Miscarriage
96 A condition where the lung tissue collapses is known as Atelectasis
97 A condition in which the lung tissue loses its elasticity is known as Emphysema
98 Pnemonia is an infection of the Lungs
99 Pus formation in the lung is called Lung abscess
100 Bronchiectasis is a disease of the which system Respiratory
101 The colour of the skin is dependant upon a pigment called Melanin
102 Eczema is a disease of the Skin
103 A condition wherein the pressure within the eyeball is increased above normal is called Glaucoma
104 The number of teeth in a normal human being are 32
105 Substances that cause allergy are called Allergens
106 Hay fever is a type of Allergy
107 Leukemia is a disease of the Blood
108 Tissue taken from the patient while operation is going on is called Frozen section
109 EEG stands for Electro encephalography
110 EEG is used to record the activities of the Brain
111 EMG stands for Electromyography
112 EMG is used for recording for the activity of the Muscles during contraction
113 The x-ray visualisation of a joint is known as Arthrography
114 A device used to regularise irregular heart beats is called Pace-maker
115 A doctor who is a specialist in matters related to the heart and circulatory system is called a Cardiologist
116 In medical terminology,ENT stands for Ear,nose and throat
117 A gynaeclogist specialises in matters related to Reproductive system
118 Copper T is a type of device used for Contraception
119 A Psychiatrist specialises in matters related to Mental disorders
120 Typhoid vaccine was invented by Almorth Writht
121 Polio vaccine was invented by Jonas Salk
122 Contact lenses were invented by A.E.Fick
123 Vaccination was invented by Edward Jenner


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