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No. Question Answer
01 The biggest energy source on the surface of the earth is Solar radiation
02 The acid found in soil is Humic acid
03 Burning of fossil fuels releases Carbon-di-oxide
04 The place referred to as the Valley of Death is Cubatao in Brazil
05 The Valley of Flowers is located at Garhwal in Himalayas
06 The element found abundant in the crust of the earth is Oxygen
07 99 percent of the crust of earth is composed of Elements
08 The crust of the earth is called Lithosphere
09 The type of soil found in the dessert is Aridisols
10 Acid rain was discovered by R.A.Smith
11 The simplest and least polluting way of deriving energy is Solar energy
12 Junk of appliances and vehicles is known as Solid Waste
13 Oceans are ecologically divided into how many regions Five
14 Uranium miners more frequently suffer from Cancer
15 Textile workers more frequently suffer from Byssinosis
16 Coal miners more frequently suffer from Black lung diseases
17 The type of living beings more sensitive to nuclear radiations are Mammals
18 The most acute pollution problem faced by nuclear power industry is Disposal of nuclear waste
19 Excessive inhalling of manganese causes Pnemonia
20 Hay fever is due to the presence of which thing in the air Pollen
21 The metal which causes systemic poisoning in man is Lead
22 Dust containing silica causes Silicosis
23 Intensive use of nitrate fertilizers causes Methemoglobinemia
24 The most economic and pollution free form of transport is Bicycle
25 The main source of harmful radiations in our house can be due to Televisions
26 The most recently discovered ecosystem is Vent
27 The most biologically productive ecosystem is Alluvial plains
28 Ecologists divide divide lakes into how many zones Three
29 Death valley is located in which dessert Nevada
30 Man first cultivated crops in which age Neolithic
31 Sheep were initially dpmesticated for Meat and milk
32 The industrial chemical which increases the chance of developing Leukemia is Benzene
33 The Royal society for the Protection of Birds was formed in 1889 AD
34 `Man and the Biosphere'an ecological programme was launched by UNESCO
35 Chemicals which get rid of pests are called as Pesticides
36 The living beings which are known as teritary consumers are Meat-eating animals
37 A motor car produces least amount of pollution while Moving
38 The first living beings who established themselves on rocky slopes were Lichens
39 Birds evolved on earth during the Jurassic period
40 Water covers about how many percent of the earth's surface Seventy
41 Oxygen was discovered by Joseph Priestley
42 Oxygen was discovered in August 1774
43 The word `Oxygen'was coined by Antonie Levoiser
44 When something burns in air, it combines with oxygen and the process is called Oxidation
45 When we breather,oxygen combines chemically with glucose in the body to create Energy
46 The two major components of air are oxygen and Nitrogen
47 The French chemist who showed that air was the same all around the world was Henri Regnault
48 William Ramsay discovered that air also contained tiny traces of Inert gases
49 The gases which are slow to react with other chemicals are called Inert gases
50 The air surrounding the earth is forever on the move because of Sun's heat
51 A space with nothing in it is called Vacuum
52 Air pressure is related to density of air. This was discovered by whom in 1662 AD Robert Boyle
53 Earth's atmosphere has how many layers Five
54 Moon gets very hot and very cold as it has no Atmosphere
55 78 percent of the atmosphere is Nitrogen
56 21 percent of the atmosphere is Oxygen
57 The atmospheric layer immediately around the earth is called Troposphere
58 The second atmospheric layer is called Stratosphere
59 The third atmospheric layer is called Mesosphere
60 The fourth atmospheric layer is called Ionosphere
61 The fifth atmospheric layer is called Exosphere
62 Human beings inhale what and give out what Oxygen,carbon dioxide
63 Plants inhale what and give out what Carbon dioxide,oxygen
64 Bubbles in soda water is due to presence of Carbon dioxide
65 Ozone is actually a form of Oxygen
66 We are protected from ultraviolet radiation from the sun due to the presence of Ozone layer
67 The main culprit which is destroying the ozone layer is CFC gases
68 The main green house gas is Carbon dioxide
69 As one goes higher in the atmosphere,air pressure Decreases
70 As per Daniel Bernoulli,whenever air moves,its pressure Drops
71 The most common compound on earth is Water
72 Life originally emerged from Water
73 About how many percent of the world's water is solid Two
74 Less than how many percent of the world's water is fresh water Three
75 The amount of water vapour in the atmosphere is known as Humidity
76 Any substance that dissolve in the water vapour it absorbs is said to be Deliquescent
77 Henry Cavendish proved that water was a compound which included Hydrogen
78 The french chemist who showed that water was a simple compound of hydrogen and oxygen was Antoine Lavoiser
79 In case of heavy water,oxygen combines with Deuterium
80 A special type of hydrogen with an extra neutron in its nucleus is Deuterium
81 Heavy water can be extracted from ordinary water by the process of Distillation
82 In every water molecutl,there are how many hydrogen atoms and how many oxygen atoms Two,one
83 Water expands when it is Frozen
84 Oxygen condenses at a temperature of -183.c
85 The ultimate source of nearly all our energy is the Sun
86 Solar cells turn light energy from the sun into Electrical energy
87 Two types of basic energy is Potential energy,kinetic energy
88 Energy that is not doing anything but is simply stored for action is called Potential energy
89 Energy in the nucleus of an atom is called Nuclear energy
90 As per the Law of Conservation of