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A Doctor Directory

Allergest :
Treats allergies.
Anesthesiologist :
Puts patients to sleep before surgery.
Cardiologist :
Treats heart ailments.
Dermatologist :
Treats the skin and its diseases.
Endocrinologist :
Treats the glands, such as the thyroid and adrenal, which secrete body hormones.
Gastroenterologist :
Specializes in diseases and disorders of the digestive system.
Gerontologist :
Treats diseases of old age.
Gynecologist :
Treats the female reprodictive system.
Hematologist :
Treats blood diseases.
Immunologist :
Specializes in the body's defense system against infection and disease.
Nephrologist :
Treats kidney disorders.
Neurologist :
Treats the nervous systems.
Obstrician :
A doctor who cares for women throughout pregnancy.
Orthopedist :
Treats disorders of bones and muscles.
Orthodonist :
A dentist who specializes in straingthening teeth.
Otolaryngologist :
Treats ailments of the nose, throat and ears.
Pathologist :
Studies the cause,development and manifestations of disease.
Pediatrician :
Specializes in the care and treatment of infants and children.
Plastic Surgeon :
Repairs,restores or improves body parts.
Psychiatrist :
Treats illness and disorders of the mind.
Radiologist :
X-rays body parts and organs for medical diagnosis.
Rheumatologist :
Treats diseases of body joints.
Urologist :
Treats the urinary tract of the body.


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